The format of the classes is changing from September 3rd 2018, which is good news for beginners and experienced alike

For a while now, I've been wondering how I can structure the classes so that beginners can join easily but also experienced players can continue to learn to be more skilful.

And, I think I've managed to do it.

From September this year the classes will change to an 8 week rolling format and that'll look something like this:

Week 1: 2 Breathing Exercises and 3 Taiji Set moves
Week 2: 2 Breathing Exercises and 3 Taiji Set moves
Week 3: 2 Breathing Exercises and 3 Taiji Set moves
Week 4: 2 Breathing Exercises and 3 Taiji Set moves

So at the end of 4 weeks we'll have covered a complete set of breathing exercises (8 exercises) and the complete taiji mini-set of 12 moves but here's the main thing...

Beginners will have the opportunity to join in and just practice running through a few basic moves each week to build your familiarity with them. More experienced people will have certain structural points or principles of movement to work on, ensuring that you are moving deeper into the practice of the arts.

Weeks 5-8: Practice what you've just learned in the previous 4 weeks - When you've run through the material, it's time to consolidate. Beginners will continue to practice your new moves and the others will continue your work on the structures and principles.

After that, we go back to the beginning, so beginners will repeat the same breathing exercises (or maybe have some new ones) and the same taiji moves. Those of you who are more experienced will also do the same things but with different structures and principles, making you more skilful.

And of course, the beginners will have access to all the structures and principles too as I'm teaching them but you'll probably want to store them in your memory bank for later use.

Here's a sample of a more in-depth breakdown.

Week 1
Stress Prevention Qigong Set (Weiji Yufang Gong)
Beginners: Just get familiar with the movements
Experienced: Focus on the Main Meridian Point for each exercise
1. Taiji Breathing
2. Round Fan Covers the Moon

Taiji Mini-Set
Beginners: Just get familiar with the movements
Experienced: Practice feeling the whole body all at once
1. Commencement
2. Ward Off
3. Roll Back

From the above, week 2 would cover exercises 3 & 4 from the stress set and also moves 4, 5 and 6 from the taiji set, and so on until you've covered 8 breathing exercises (a complete set) and the complete taiji set on one side.

These 8 week formats will also be used to learn new material for all levels of students and there's so much work to do you'll never be bored!

This format begins on 2 dates in 2018:

  1. Week Commencing 3/9/18 
  2. Week Commencing 5/11/18

In 2019 the start dates are as follows:

  1. Week Commencing 7/1/19 
  2. Week Commencing 4/3/19
  3. Week Commencing 6/5/19
  4. Week Commencing 1/7/19
  5. Week Commencing 2/9/19
  6. Week Commencing 4/11/19
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