My current opinion on t'ai chi practice

I started reading a new author two weeks ago.

Guy called Ben Aaronovitch. Very good.

He’s got a riveting series of books out that I’m really enjoying.

The first one is called Rivers of London, and stay with me a sec, ’cos this is brilliant. I won’t give any spoilers though, just in case you want to read them

It follows a guy serving in the Metropolitan police called Peter Grant. He’s just finished a two year probation, and he gets called to do some overtime helping out as extra manpower on a murder case (a guy gets his head knocked clean off)

While he’s waiting for a WPC to come back with a coffee, a guy approaches him saying he saw it all.

Being the dutiful cop, he gets his notebook out and starts to ask questions, and eventually it turns out the guy he’s talking to is a ghost.

I know, it’s bizarre isn’t it?!

Anyhow, he goes back a couple of nights later to look for this ghost and bumps into another gent with a silver topped cane, who asks him what he’s doing Grant says “I’m ghost hunting”

Turns out this guy is in charge of a ’secret’ department in the Met that deals with weird stuff like ghosts, vampires, revenants and other odd phenomena. And Grant is assigned to the department the following day.

And he finds out that there’s a whole underworld of stuff he never knew anything about. He also gets made the only apprentice wizard in the UK.

I love the twist to the tale, but what’s that got to do with your practice, I hear you ask?

Well, assuming you do practice (and you should never assume anything ’cos it makes an ass out of u and me, right?) some stuff you do isn’t going to make sense.

You just won’t get it.

You may even feel a little foolish ’playing’ with the stuff (like moving around by rotating the weighted hip or relaxing, for example)

And you may feel that it’s not possible to ’get’ it at all.

Just like PC Grant didn’t think it was possible that another world existed outside the one he knew.

But trust me, it’s there, you just have to keep looking and, just as importantly, be open to the possibility that this can exist for you. This new way of moving or being.

How do I know?

I’m there, every day. And I’ve changed my mind and body. You can too.

I’m here to help.

An invitation to discover your new world is right here:


Bye for now