How would Fonzie practice T'ai Chi?


He was the coolest guy wasn't he?

Every boy I knew in school (including me) wanted to be like the Fonz.

I always remember the opening credits where he's in his 'office' (the gents in the diner). Just as he goes to comb his hair, Fonzie looks in the mirror, stops, then spreads his arms out to the sides and says “Aaaayyyy”

I kinda wished he was in my house the other day when my boiler packed up, ’cos he had a knack of nudging or bumping something mechanical that wasn't working and, hey presto, it worked.

I had this vision of him bumping a radiator with his boot, tapping the boiler with his elbow or just clicking his fingers by the boiler switch and the heating would come on straight away ;-)

And I reckon Fonzie would have to do t’ai chi his way, so here's the cool guide to t’ai chi.

  • Fonzie always wears appropriate clothing to do his t'ai chi - a leather jacket, because the weight of the jacket increases the feeling and awareness of his upper body, jeans and motorcycle boots (You obviously wear loose, comfortable, clothing and flat footwear though. Remember, Fonzie's a master ;-))
  • He practices outside in the fresh air whenever possible and never in the parking lot at Al's Diner.
  • If Fonzie practices inside, he makes sure he's not disturbed. He locks the door to his 'office' and takes the phone off the hook (he doesn't want his girlfriends ringing and interrupting him). And he lets everyone know he's not available for the next 30 minutes or so.
  • Most of all, Fonzie trains to look c-o-o-o-o-o-l. That means he trains skills and how he moves, not just the choreography. He knows that how he moves is more important than the moves themselves

So there you go. I think that's how The Fonz would go about his practice.

Some excellent tips there for you too (if you read between the lines a little)

In Happy Days, there were hints that Fonzie had extensive martial arts training.

No one who confronted him ever came out on top, and in one episode he compares his knowledge of nerve strikes with a woman, while they both use Richie as a dummy.

And he always stood up for his friends against bullies and bad guys. Many of them would back down rather than get into a fight with the Fonz.

Ok, if you wanna get skills like the Fonz, throw your leather jacket on, hop on your Harley Davidson and scoot on over here:

Or here:

Bye for now

PS I think the only person who could get away with calling Fonzie by his real name, Arthur, was Mrs Cunningham (Mrs C). No one else dared call him by that name

And I've tried using the Fonzie Touch on my car when it wouldn't start too. Yep. Slapped the bonnet and said "Aaayyy"

Guess what?!

It didn't start...