How Black Friday mentality can improve your practice

It's Black Friday tomorrow.

Everyone will be shopping either online or in person to get the best bargain they can for their money.

If you practice t'ai chi (or any other art, for that matter) you too can get the best value for your money without spending a penny more.

Let me explain a little more...

I was chatting away to my other teacher, Gordon Faulkner, on Tuesday afternoon.

Quite a few people are surprised that I still have teachers, but one thing Gordon said always stays with me.

“When you're no longer learning anything from me, go and find someone you can learn from. I don't expect you to stay with me out of loyalty. I expect you to learn.”

Thing is, I'm still learning from him. And Peter Ralston.

While we were ’shooting the breeze’ as it were, I asked him how things were going.

And then we got to talking about learning and practice.

One thing that “Big G” said particularly caught my attention.

He said, “You go to a class to learn something new. Then you go away to practice. The next week you learn another new thing and then go and practice.” And so on...

He further added, “You don't come to a class to learn exactly the same thing every week. You learn something new, or get corrected, and you go and practice the new thing and / or correction.”

And those two paragraphs above are pure gold for your practice. Why?

Ok, if you want to get the best 'bang for your buck' make sure you're learning something new every lesson you attend. That includes corrections because they're something new or different to practice.

This point was reinforced by one of my awesome students and subscribers yesterday at a class.

Jan said to me at the beginning of the class that she'd realised she was just copying the movements as I did them and not really trying to learn them for herself. I could see it was a revelation for her and had made a difference to the way she approached the lessons.


If you're attending a class, make sure you're taking away something new each time you attend, and then practice it for the week.

And if you're not able to get to a class you can still learn. That's why I wrote the Inner Smile meditation course for you. The good news is that you don't have to wait until tomorrow as there's nearly 50% off now, so you can get your Black Friday treat early.

Better hurry though, the offer ends Saturday at 12 midday (just after the Cheng Hsin class)

Get your early Black Friday bargain here.

Bye for now,


PS Classes over the festive period are roughly looking as follows (I'll confirm later).

Classes will end on week commencing 14th December and start back the week commencing 4th January (that may change to 11th for the Monday classes).

So the last Wednesday classes will be on 16th, Thursdays on 17th, Fridays 18th ... you get the picture right? Apart from Murton which is finishing on the 10th December