How I can fix your practice, just like Mr. Kaplan

If you watch the TV series The Blacklist, you'll already know who Mr Kaplan is.

"Mr Kaplan" is a fixer for the main character Raymond 'Red' Reddington.

And he is a she. When Mr Kaplan was first called to clean up a crime scene, (or was it to make a body disappear? Probably both) I was amazed to see this woman turn up. A good disguise though, no one's expecting a female when you call for a Mr.

And Mr Kaplan is the perfect way to describe Adele today. See, my eldest daughter had her works do last night and Lisa's not too good after a party (seriously, I could tell you some stories)

So it was no surprise this morning that Adele gets a message saying "Mam, help me!"

Because Adele is the fixer when it comes to the girls being hungover, and naturally enough of course. The first person they turn to is Mam :-)

So as I'm writing this Adele is with Lisa, helping her out with the kids, food, washing and cleaning.

And the good news is, I'll be taking on the role of fixer for you, very soon.

As there's a new qigong DVD due to be delivered in the next two days (I should get my grubby little mitts on the first copies by Tuesday)

In the DVD I'll be taking care of your qigong needs by running through the whole of the Stress Prevention Qigong Set. That's the one we do right after the warm up in the classes. And if that's not enough...

It's 2 hours long. That's a whole bunch of in-depth info.

And it's suitable for stand alone study, so if you can't get to any classes, for any reason, you can use the DVD to increase your skills and knowledge. Then you've got no excuse not to practice and I can happily nag away at you =)

Want to find out more?

Get the skinny on the new DVD here

And I don't mind if you call me Mr. Kaplan either. But I don't make bodies 'disappear', and neither does Adele, just in case you were thinking of asking...

Bye for now


PS A huge shout out to all of you who've contacted me saying how much you enjoy the emails / blog posts, it's fantastic that you've taken time out of your day to let me know and it's very much appreciated.

I think I've managed to reply to you all personally so far, but just in case some of you slipped through the net, Thank You!