Zen and the Art of Car Maintenance

I got into the car to go to work this morning and...

... nothing. Nada. Dead as a door nail.

Flat battery. I know what you're thinking. What shape’s the battery supposed to be then, right?

Ok... I'll get my coat.

Last night I went to pick up tickets for an event I'm attending this weekend. It's called “Adrenalin Blizzard” and its a fight night in Swansea.

But when I was chatting to my mate, Ric, I'd left the lights on on the car and it obviously drained the battery. Which left me at 6:50 this morning, just sitting there. Thankfully I'm with the AA so they came along and sorted the problem out.

And I was thinking, wouldn't it be great if someone could just come along and give you a much needed boost of energy to get you through the day?

That someone does exist. And it's you.

Just doing a little qigong, tai chi or meditation each day can recharge your battery, balance your energy and calm the nervous system, and you don't need much.

Around 10-15 minutes is great. That's all you need to give yourself a boost.

A little practice every day, is like putting down fine layers of rice paper, one on top of the other. It takes a while to build up a stack, but as long as you put a piece down every day you'll get there.

And you'll be constantly building energy, each day adding a bit more to the battery, so it never runs down.

Rather than expending more and more energy every day, you put your battery on a ’trickle’ charge with your practice, keeping it topped up.

Does that make some sense?

Great. Probably a good idea to have a practice now.

What? You don't know what to practice?

Happily, I can help you there, check this out:


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