Daoist Meditation Essentials...

I had a nice lazy afternoon yesterday.

My daughter, Nina, came around with my granddaughter Ava and the weather was fantastic again.

I didn't spend much time in the sun though, I was cooking.

Made a huge pot of spicy vegetable soup ready for the week ahead (I like spicy food, so I add garam masala, garlic and ginger to the veg, along with a couple of organic stock cubes)

The only concession I made to training was doing a little work on my legs with the foam roller. It eased out a few tight areas =)

After that, I fired up the laptop to make sure that the page for the meditation course was live and ready to go for this morning.

The Daoist Meditation Essentials eCourse is now available..

Here's a reminder of some of the contents:

  • 7 scientifically validated reasons to meditate

  • 8 audio files to help you meditate effectively

  • How to breathe well

  • How to sit correctly

  • Simple Five Element theory

  • Qigong Self Massage

  • What is the Inner Smile?

  • What's Qi?

  • What is Daoist meditation?

  • What's the purpose of Daoist meditation?

  • Find out where your internal organs are

  • Learn which positive and negative emotions are associated with which organs

..and a whole bunch more..

All the above is delivered straight to your email inbox, over 17 lessons.

The Inner Smile is a beautiful meditation to do and at the end of the course I'll send you an eBook (electronic book) in PDF format with every lesson and diagram and all links to the audio files neatly packaged into a handy portable meditation tool.

You can read the eBook on your desktop or laptop computer, tablet or iPad, and even on your smartphone.

There are over 35 pages of information in it.

I'm not sitting next to you {!firstname_fix}, but I can hear you.

Why is it so cheap, you're asking?

Well, truth be told, I usually do this training in person at workshops and I've been playing with the format of the course for a long while (almost 2 years now), trying to write it in an accessible format for everyone.

Because I believe everyone should be able to access this fabulous and valuable work.

And I think I've cracked it. But I wanted to offer it to my email subscribers at a very generous discount because I'd like your feedback at the end of the course.

Your feedback will be very valuable to me and it will help me fine tune the eCourse and make it better.

And when I've collected everyone's feedback and updated the course, I'll send you a free copy just for helping me out. How does that sound, {!firstname_fix}?

You get access to me via a private email address too, exclusively for course members.

So I'll be there with you, every step of the way.

Ok, enough from me..

Get your Daoist Meditation Essentials eCourse here

I look forward to seeing you on the course soon...



PS Due to so many people asking about the course, I've expanded the number of copies available from 20 to 36 (a good Daoist number, ;-)).

I don't want to stretch myself too far with the email support, so once those 36 are gone, I'll take the page down..

Don't miss your chance to get on the course now...