How to get past your 'sticking' points

So yesterday we went to Cardiff Bay with Nick, Nina and Lil’ Ava.

It’s the first time I’ve been to the bay and I really enjoyed it, there was something for everyone.

Vintage cars, steel bands, man made beach, boat trips great restaurants and shopping and.. well, you get the picture. It was quite busy too, but if the weather had been better I think it would’ve been chocabonkers.

And I thoroughly recommend the coffee in the Cote Brasserie, lovely, it was!

Since I packed in the cleaning job, it’s been nice to be more productive on many fronts too, but I’m back to not knowing what day it is when I wake up :-). Can’t be all bad..

Anyhow, for today I want to share with you how you can get past your sticking points in a set of movements or when training a skill.

First thing to notice is if you’re avoiding the issue in any way. Like, do you tend to avoid the moment or skill by practicing or doing something else? It’s ok to be uncomfortable remember! That means you’re outside your comfort zone and you’re ‘training’.

Following on from avoidance (or ignore-ance), take the matter head on. Train that one thing as much as you can to the exclusion of all else until it starts to feel natural. That may take a while but you’re trying to get your nervous system on board so that the new move or skill starts to become ‘familiar’.

Repeat over and over, with a view to becoming more skilful each time, making corrections as you go. Practice intelligently.

With regards to the avoidance thing above, it’s natural to want to shy away from something you don’t think you’re good at, as you don’t want to feel you’ve failed somehow. Put that to one side and throw yourself into the practice, ‘cos pretty soon your *will* be good at it.

Then, you’ll probably just show off all the time ;-)

Ok, that’s it for today, apart from reminding you that the free Cheng Hsin Open Class is coming up this Saturday, so if you registered, I’ll look forward to seeing you there. If not there’s still time to get your name down, just hit reply and let me know you’re coming along.

If you’re registered already, you don’t need to contact me again, I’ll see you there!

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Have a lovely day!