Being effective and why I'm never doing t'ai chi again...

It's true.

I'm never doing t'ai chi again, its a pain in the backside.


No, not the art, the spelling!

T'ai Chi is a pain, all that apostrophe stuff each time I type. So I'm using the more modern taiji in future.

Did I have you going for a bit there?

Sorry, I couldn't resist it! But, I'm not giving up taiji anytime soon.

Ok, thanks to everyone who came along to the summer social on Saturday, it was great to see you there and it seems that everyone enjoyed the food. Xmas social is next and we've already had one suggestion for a venue, the Swansea Yacht and Sub Aqua Club.

We'll make it a traditional Xmas lunch, so if you have any suggestions for venues please let me know and I'll make enquiries.

And while I'm here, allow me to share something with you on being effective.

When you do your daily practice, what's your goal? What do you want to achieve? What's the purpose, if you like, for your practice?

Once you've got clear on what your purpose is, ask yourself if your practice is achieving that purpose.

If it is, you're being effective. If not, hmmm…

If not, you have to change what you're doing so that your practice becomes effective.

Know that you will have some ineffective practices or habits, nothing wrong with that. But noticing you're ineffective and remaining ineffective, well, that's a different ball game.

So, are you being effective?

It's a simple question to yourself which requires an honest answer (for you to be effective, are you getting the idea?). Don't avoid the question or pretend to answer it, answer truthfully.

And be effective!

There's more I'll say at a later date on the avoidance and ignorance stuff, but notice that there's a lot in what I've said above, short though it may be.

A great way to measure how effective you are is the Cheng Hsin / Taiji martial work, and I know that quite a few have already signed up the the Open Class on Saturday 20th August, but there's still a few places left

Check out Cheng Hsin here and if you fancy having a free lesson, hit reply and book a place for the 20th

Ok, have a great day