It's all connected...

While channel hopping the other night, I came across a couple of episodes of the Likely Lads, remember that?

With Rodney Bewes and James Bolam, it was set in Newcastle and followed the lives of Bob Ferris and Terry Collier. I really enjoyed watching the episodes but the only thing is that I can’t get the theme tune out of my head.

I keep humming it at odd moments here and there and getting on Adele’s nerves ;-)

Damn, I’m feeling all nostalgic now…

But honestly, I do seem to enjoy the older programmes more: Dad’s Army, Get Some In, Citizen Smith and the classic Fawlty Towers.

I don’t watch much telly but recently I’ve recorded a couple of the new programmes and thought they were excellent. Did you see Brief Encounters? All about the Ann Summers parties and set in the 80s? Brilliant! Good fun and the music was fab too (well, for me anyway)

And then there was New Blood, set in London following a couple of guys who become friends, one a copper the other working for the Serious Fraud Office. Those were 2 series that I was always looking forward to catching up on.

Ok. Back to business.

An interesting thing came up in conversation the other day. I was chatting with one of my students (and assistants) and we were discussing how some people (not you, obviously) have difficulty in making the connection between a specific practice and their general practice of movement. Here’s what I mean…

For example, I’ve been getting quite a few people in the classes to practice the structural points and/or principles in isolation from their taiji sets. getting them to create a feeling of that particular rule in their bodies. And they do. I know, ‘cos I can see them manifesting that rule as they move. But here’s the point…

After doing all that work on clarifying the rule and creating the feelings they then forget about it in the taiji set (or qigong, etc). It’s almost like it’s held as separate form the taiji set practice, when the whole point of doing the structural points in isolation was to get them to clarify what they were doing in order to integrate those structures into the sets.

Sometimes we don’t make a connection between one practice and another. But they are connected. Definitely. It’s good to notice this.

And that’s also something I’m working on getting you to notice more in the classes too

Talking about classes, there’s a U3A Open Day in October and there’ll be new beginners classes available if you or anyone you know is interested. There will definitely be a new class on Friday at 12pm in Hazel Court, Sketty Park and there are 2 more potential classes too. One on Monday afternoon at 2:30pm and the other on Tuesday morning at 10am.

The last 2 depend on how the class numbers go leading up to the Open Day and I’ll be advising anyone who’s on the taiji stand on the day, and the conveners, exactly what’s available.

For a current class list go here...