I have the body of a God. Seriously...

I'm very fond of reminding Adele that I have the body of a god.

Unfortunately, it just so happens to be Buddha ;-)

But to help ease her suffering, I always offer to let her 'rub the Buddha's belly' for luck.

Her reply?

"If you think I'm walking that far down the garden, you can forget it!"

Which, I think, is a little bit harsh...

But fair.

You see, I've been a bit lax with the nutrition stuff lately, and I don't really have an excuse for slipping up, it's just me being lazy in that area. The last few months have been spent focussing on other things.

Life happens, right?

But with the new kitchen island and all, I've been adding to my toyz list.

And no, it's not from Screwfix this time!

My latest toy is an electronic pressure cooker, called an Instant Pot. Brill, it is. It can replace my slow cooker, steam my veggies, keep meals warm after cooking and, as a pressure cooker, cook them in a fraction of the time it takes my slow cooker but with the same 'fall off the bone' results.

And, it can cook rice, porridge, yoghurt an' all that kinda stuff. Nifty keen.

If you like Indian food, I also found a web site that does 'paleo' versions of many Indian favourites, including a gluten free naan bread. The site also has other non-paleo recipes you may be interested in. You can check out My Heart Beets here…

I also came across a fantastic demonstration of 'leading' as we do in the Cheng Hsin arts. Ralston has often used bullfighting to explain leading, and how we can move our partner/opponent somewhere to our advantage.

These 2 clips (same clip but from different angles) show how effective leading can be - even against a bull

Leading 1

Leading 2

Enjoy, and we'll catch up again soon.

Oh, and before I go, don't forget to tell your friends about the new classes starting soon in Sketty Park, Cwmbwrla and possibly Pontardulais