Chanquanshu is a school of Daoist Yangsheng Arts that teaches techniques based upon principles of Internal Energy.

The principal Instructor of Chanquanshu is Gordon Faulkner, my teacher, who took many of the photos on this site.

The name Chanquanshu is composed of three elements.

  Chan (meditation)  

  Quan (boxing or fist)  

  Shu (art)

Therefore Chanquanshu can be translated as the Art of the Meditative Fist

CQS contains five branches symbolized by the five dragons.

  • Red Dragon symbolizes the Quanshu or Martial Branch
  • Blue Dragon symbolizes the Neidan or Internal Alchemy Branch
  • Green Dragon symbolizes the Daoyin / Qigong / Taijiquan (health) Branch
  • White Dragon symbolizes the Anmo (Massage) Branch
  • Yellow Dragon symbolizes the Dao, the philosophy central to the other four branches

Swansea T'ai Chi is also known as Chanquanshu Wales and has been a part of Chanquanshu for around 18 years.

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