Cheng Hsin

Gently exploring the martial side of t'ai chi through the art of Cheng Hsin is a joy - and also an eye opener.

The main focus here is on developing skill and consciousness in both the formal techniques and in freeplay. Within these practices you'll learn to be very sensitive to your partners intentions and physical movements.

In your first lesson, you'll learn some safe and basic rolls or breakfalls on our judo mats. These are great for opening up your spine and body to become more lithe and agile. Then, you'll progress to simple interactive skills like listening, outreaching and yielding before moving on to footwork patterns and simple techniques.

Cheng Hsin places a lot of focus on yielding, that is, not letting someone apply force to your body. You yield and neutralise the force. We begin training by leaving out the striking arts and using basic pushes and pulls. In this way, it's much safer to practice, but you're still learning to deal with a real force.

If you've been practicing T'ai Chi with us for a while, then you already have the basics of movement in Cheng Hsin, what we call Body-Being - the art of being a body. Those 5 principles and 7 structural points are applied consciously to every inch of movement, challenging but it's a fun way to learn exactly what your body's really doing.

Each session will build progressively on your last improving skills and awareness of yourself and your partner. There's too much to say about Cheng Hsin on a small page like this so if you're interested, check the main Cheng Hsin web site.

For now, I'll leave you with a short 5 minute video demonstrating some basic Cheng Hsin Rolls...

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