Mike Hart

I aim to bring you the best possible tuition you can get.

And while you're at the classes learning, you'll be having some fun too.

I'll start by teaching you the basic physical movements and progress to the deeper levels of the arts as you progress.

Kind of like peeling away the layers of an onion, gradually getting to the core of the arts - and yourself.

With over 3 decades of experience, I'm passionate about passing on the knowledge I've acquired.

I consider it a priviledge and an honour to practice and teach these beautiful arts.

I think you will too.

You'll see some of my teachers on the pages of this site. I'm not going to list a whole bunch of stuff I've done over the years, it'll probably send you to sleep, and you won't have heard of half of it anyway.

I'd just like to send you an open invitation to ask any questions you may have by clicking here...

And I hope to meet up with you soon...



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