You'll discover a huge amount of knowledge in the recommendations below, some of the books have DVDs too. All the content is applicable to the classes and courses I teach. These are some of my most cherished and well-read books, some of them available in Kindle format, so you can be reading them in seconds.

There's even some nutrition books that I love here too, and I highly recommend The Calorie Myth.

I've even got a surprise for you at the end of the page if you like audiobooks.

Anyway, have a browse and enjoy yourself...

T'ai Chi, Daoyin & Cheng Hsin

Daoist & Meditation

SHOES - These are the exact same ones that I wear to the classes...



In addition to the above I'm a big fan of audiobooks. You can listen to them anytime and anywhere, so you're always learning. You'll find some superb books in the Health & Personal Development section.

It's like having your own portable university at your fingertips, and, you can get a free trial at Audible, just click the banner below for more details...


In the interests of disclosure, any link you click on above may get me a small referral fee. Probably enough to buy me a pint of milk if I'm lucky, but I'm not holding my breath ;-).

Anyway, it all goes towards the hosting fees and every little helps...

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